220 Hafnarfjörður
Aldur 17
Stutt lýsing im babysitting 1-4 years old kids.
Reynsla i've been babysitting kids since i was 14. back in 2008 i've been working at kid garden in a group with 1-3 years old boys and girls. i also have little brother who is 14 months now. i've been taking care of him since he was born.
Námskeið im taking red cross courses at school with semester.
Ég get passað á þessum tímum monday - tuesday i can babysit after 4 until late in the evening. and friday- sunday from 7 or 8 in the morning until late in the evening.
Um mig Hello my name is Greta. i'm from Lithuania. im turning 18 in april and i've been babysitting little kids for almost 5 years now. i can babysit kids at my house, i have everything for little kids (a lot of toys, space, 3 perambulators so kids could sleep outside) im not smoking or drinking. im going to school in reykjavik. i can speak english very well. i understand and i can talk in icelandic also.