Stefania Dalla Torre

Barmahlíð 32 , 105 Reykjavík
Aldur 28
Stutt lýsing I'm a 28 italian girl with a degree in education and 7 years experience. I offer sporadic or continuous baby sitting for afternoons (after 16.00), evenings, weekends and holidays I have experience with both children and infants and with disabled children too. I don't speak icelandic (i'm learning) but I speak english, romanian and of course italian. References and CV Available on request.
Reynsla 7 years of experience as baby sitter, Children care and education, crafts labs, individual and group games, help and support in homework and study. with cildrens and infants, I have experiience whit disable kids too 1 year as Educator in an International Project for Integration and Social Development of Romani People. In that project we use non formal Education through Arts and Crafts to promote integration and social development for Romani children. Organization of a number of recreational activities for kids (eg: during a Camp etc.). Responsible for the kids' security and safety spending the whole time with the kids, organizing shifts, setting rules etc
Námskeið 1st grade degree in Education (Pedagogy) and other courses and seminaries in educational field
Ég get passað á þessum tímum all working days after 16.00 (eveinings too) all day during the weekend and holidays
Um mig I'm italian girl and I'm in Iceland with an european exchange program. I like travelling (and I like a lot Iceland!), horse riding, reading and meet interesting people..and of course I love working with children. I don't speek icelandic yet (I'm learning) but I'm fluent in english, I speek romanian and, of course, italian.