Kia Bogwald

Hóltagerði , 200 Kópavogi
Aldur 26
Stutt lýsing Barnapía með leikskólakennari menntun.
Reynsla Au Pair, London 2005-2007 Leikskólakennari frá 2011
Námskeið Bachelor í Science of Education / Social education (Leikskólakennari) frá Frøbel Seminariet, Kaupmannahöfn.
Ég get passað á þessum tímum I get off work between 15.30 and 17.00, so we would just plan according to that. On weekends I'm available all day.
Um mig My name is Kia, I'm 26 years old and from Denmark. I speak fluently Icelandic, but my written grammar is still a little messy, so I think I'll make myself more understandable in English. I'm certified leikskólakennari and work as such during the day. But to earn a little extra, I do some babysitting in and around RKV, on late afternoons/evening and weekends. Before I went to university to study Science of Education (leikskólakennari), I worked an an AU Pair in London for 2 years. So putting kids to bed, cooking etc. is no problem.
Annað I charge kr 1500/ hour If you are interested, just send me an email on kiabogwald@gmail :)