betsy hassett

flyðrugrandi 4 , 107 reykjavik
Aldur 28
Stutt lýsing I am a professional footballer for KR. Love people and need to continue learning Icelandic so this is a great way to do that! Looking for work along side football and studying.
Reynsla I have been a baby sitter a bunch of times over the years with family friends kids. Also used to do a bit of after school care with kids when I was living in Norway.
Námskeið I am up to level 3 Icelandic course. Studying to be a yoga teacher online. Graduate student from UC Berkeley and am a personal trainer!
Ég get passað á þessum tímum Anytime, except for between 5-8pm. I usually have football training between this time every evening.
Um mig Am from NZ. Lived in Iceland for 2years. ég tala smál islandsku. I am a professional football player for KR Reykjavik. Also in my NZ national team. I love kids and people in general.