Maria Reyes Serra

Freyugata , 101 reykjavik
Aldur 35
Stutt lýsing I am a single mother living in downtown, I love kids, specially if they are like my daughter´s age (6 year old) but I do care about any other kids age.
Reynsla I always loved babies and when I was working in hotels I always offered myself for babysitting some of our guest´s children. I love playing with them but also I do teach them how to be independent.
Námskeið I don´t have any specific formation but I have experience.
Ég get passað á þessum tímum for the moment I can fit in this times, 8:30 til 4:30. If you need me during the night then I would offer my own house to assist you as I am living with my 6 year old daugther.
Um mig I am bubly and active person who loves to read, hiking and healthy life. Never smoke or drink. I love pets and I am always willing to help everybody.
Annað I can speak english and Spanish to your children and perhaps I can learn Icelandic from them.