Atvinna Annað Cleaning Partner for small cottage
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Cleaning Partner for small cottage

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þriðjudagur, 21. september 2021 14:01


We search a cleaning partner to assure the basic cleaning in our cottage.
The income is planned per each cleaning session (actualy, around 6-8 rotation per month)
The cleaning product are our charge. The partner buy basic product need to clean, and with a bill,
we refund it.
In our cottage, there are a disposable linens, so we don't ask you laundry services. Only cleaning task and remove all rubbish.
We ask too that the partner check the condition of the chalet and furniture.

If you are motivated, serious and respectful, do no hesitate to contact us.

The cottage is located at north to Hella, around 18 km of center town.

Best regards