Atvinna Atvinna í boði Carpenters Painters working freelance since 2016.
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Carpenters Painters working freelance since 2016.

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Carpenters Painters working freelance since 2016.

* Good Day
* We are a team of professional carpenters and painters,
working freelance since March 2016 in Iceland,
* We have our own tools and working cars
* We are offering our services to interested parties in new building, repairing and maintenance.
* We are based in Reykjavik but we are willing to travel through all the country if there is good collaboration.
* We have extensive experience in construction.
* We can project and fulfill all types of projects, even the complex one.
* Our foreman is an educated carpenter and he can read / interpret drawing blueprints.
* Feel free to ask for a project estimation (free of charge) with us.

* Ps
if required we can issue a legal invoice with vat ( Reikningur með VSK) for our work.
We can make work offer (tilboð) including materials if required (we have good account with Byko / Húsasmiðjan / Bauhaus / Stjörnublikk / Málning / Múrbúðin etc ...).