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Design Assembly and Install

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Here is a short description of the services that we can provide for you:

Kitchen planning and design – Design Assistance (fee is fully creditable towards your IKEA assembly and installation package) we will walk you through the options. We will even create a software generated design of your kitchen based on the exact measurements of your kitchen. Yes, we will take the measurements too

Demolition of old kitchen – we will treat your property with respect and make sure that the dust is contained and that no other damage is done to your house

Disposal of old kitchen
Delivery of IKEA kitchen parts from an IKEA store

Assembly and installation of the base and wall cabinets – everything will be according to the manufacturer specifications so that you will be able to get the most of your new, modern kitchen

Measurement and installation of kitchen countertop – granite, quartz, wood, etc. You just pick the material and we will take care of the rest.

Kitchen flooring – tiles, laminate, hardwood floor – we can do it all

Backsplash – ceramic, glass tiles and more. Pick from a variety of patterns that we can install

Installation of Kitchen appliances – No worries again – freestanding or built in! Refrigerator, range oven, range hood, cooktop, microwave, dishwasher, as well as sink, food disposal, etc.

Electrical and plumbing in your kitchen. We work with selected contractors for any electrical or plumbing project that you may have in your kitchen.

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