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2 farmworkers looking for a job

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14. júlí 2019 18:43

My name is Joanna, I live and work near Geysir. I want to hep in finding work to my father and uncle. They can come into Iceland passing 1-2 weeks from possitive answer from employer. They are both really hard workes, ready for any kind of work. Uncle has been breeding horses for more than 30 years. Both of them love animals. They can do anything - horse caretake, look after studs, do physical work, fix things around, they have driving license, my father even for every kind of vehicle. They know english in a comunicative level. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask. Obviously they are not inseparable, so if you need only one person, please let me know.

Below, what they say about themselves:

I am an experienced driver, mechanic and handyman from Poland. I am not afraid of any kind of job. During my whole life I have been delevoping many physical skills - I can drive any kind of a vehicle, I am a good farm worker, welder and locksmith. I am an experienced man with the enthusiasm of 25-year old. I am possitive, strong person ready to work anywhere and in any conditions.

I am a very hard working person with passion for horses. Whole of my life I have been taking care of this beautiful animals and breeding them for my own purpose. I am very positive and open minded man and I always look foward and never give up. I am amazed by icelandic landscapes and I would love to work surrounded by nature.