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LEARN ICELANDIC Private Tutoring

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13. október 2019 16:26


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Hello Icelandic learners everywhere,

I wanted to reach out and let you know that if you are looking for an Icelandic tutor, I'm looking to help you. I've been tutoring online and in person since 2014 - and if you're interested in improving your Icelandic you can drop me a line at

"Very patient listening to my pronunciation. Excellent feedback. There is no way I could do this without help. Very interesting discussion on Icelandic humour too." -Ronald

"Great lesson, perfect pace, looking forward to the next one!" - Michael

"My first lesson with Óskar was really fun! He let me chart the course, ask all my questions, talk about my experiences learning so far—and he nudged me back on track in the nicest and most thoughtful way, which I also found really helpful! I can see that I will learn a lot from him—I’m looking forward to future sessions!" - Elizabeth

"Excellent! I learned a lot and it was fun. He's a fantastic teacher." - Val

Bestu kveðjur,

Óskar Bragi Stefánsson