Farartæki Þjónusta GPS GV55 Lite motor, scooter, quad.enduro, auto
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GPS GV55 Lite motor, scooter, quad.enduro, auto

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GV55 Lite is a micro GPS tracker designed for a wide range of vehicle tracking applications. It has many I / O interfaces that can be used to monitor or control external devices. Built-in GPS receiver has excellent sensitivity and fast time to first repair. Its quad-band GPRS / GSM subsystem supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, enabling monitoring of GV55 Lite locations in real time or periodically tracked by the back-end server and mobile devices. Integration of systems is simple because complete documentation is provided for a fully functional @Track protocol. The @Track protocol supports a wide range of reports, including emergency, geo-border crossings, external power monitoring and a planned GPS position.
Brand name: MiCODUSTyp GPS: GPS tracking Special functions: Internet connected. Screen size: Below 2 inches GPS module: Yes Voltage: 12 v Power: W Model name: GV55 LiteElement size: 63 * 50 * 13.2 Battery life: 30 hours and upWarranty: one year Weight: 44g Working voltage : from 8V to 16V DCDiode LED indicator: GSM, GPS and power supply Mini USB port: mini USB port for updating and debugging Transmission protocol: TCP, UDP, SMS. Remote control: control of digital outputs using OTAAntena GSM: only internal Dynamic input range: -15 ~ - 108 dBmChipset GPS: 56-channel All-In-One GPS receiver