Farartæki Þjónusta Professional TPMS equipment for tyre service and w
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Professional TPMS equipment for tyre service and w

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31. janúar 2019 15:58


CUB Sensor-AID is a diagnostic and programmable user friendly device for tire pressure monitoring system in professional car repair and tyre services.

With the Sensor-Aid Controller you can read, activate, check and copy all kinds of wheel-mounted TPMS sensors. The Controller is able to create replacement sensors for all European, Asian and US-cars (315 MHz and 433 MHz), including wireless programming.

With the included OBD II Interface you can program new sensors or new wheel positions directly into the electronics of the car (required for vehicles without auto-learn function like Citroen, Suzuki, Toyota,...)

This Sensor-Aid has free life-time update for all current and future car models included. No hidden costs, no subscription, no further payments. The updates are provided by RTS, an award winning German TPMS service and trading company.

The set comes with a toolbox with a set of torque limiters and sensor mounting tools.

Blank CUB Uni-sensors can be imported upon request.

Further information in English http://www.cubautoparts.com/products-online.php
and German https://rtservice.com/de/cub-rdks/sensor-aid-programmier-und-diagnoseger%C3%A4t.html