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Additive "Valena-SV" on the rubbing surfaces of the engine forms a protective ionic layer 1-2 microns thick. Thanks to an ionic film, internal mobile parts begin to work in the mode of "frictionless" or "no-friction".

The ionic film protects moving engine's parts from "hydrogen wear" effect, preventing formation of metal dust (shaving) in oil. Increase in service life of filters and details as a result.

The ionic film about two microns thick, covers micro-cracks that leads to noticeable decrease in noise and vibration.

Copper ions actively take away heat from the friction centers, slowing down wasting and oxidation of oil.

Oil temperature in frictional units decreases by 37 degrees by increasing oil life till service by 2-3 times. This is confirmed by laboratory test conclusions of MSTU of Bauman institute.

VALENA SV - is totally safe to use in the long run.

Usually, in the course of friction, under the certain conditions, there is a separation of metal particles from the surface of metal details.

When additive Valena SV is being used, the copper film called <servovit> that has an unique properties.
- As a result of difficult physical and chemical processes in high temperature and pressure, the film begins it's formation on the working surfaces.

When process of formation of a <servovit> film comes to the end — wear of details stops and your engine is safe.

- Protect your Engine like a PRO
- Save Your Money in the Long Run
- Get Power as when engine was new - or even better
- More Time-Period between oil change
- Organic Materials - Oil Soluble - No Hard Particles
- Based On Organic Copper
- Based on 2 Major Scientific Discoveries.

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