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Vegan vietnamese cuisine

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18. september 2019 12:53


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Hi everyone. We professionally provide 100% vegan vietnamese cuisine for the vietnamese communities and so on spread out to the here in iceland. You guys can order following this phone numbers
7766378 (text prefer in icelandic or english)
7686946 (for english speaking)
Add: nybylavegur 48 . Kopavogur 200 iceland

Vietnamese foods menu

1. Steamed rice rolls (order in sat or sun weekly . Unit count in kilogram)
Price : 1400 isk per 01 kg

2. Crispy vietnamese spring rolls (min order 20 each and before 02 days)
Price: 200 isk per each

3. Vietnamese fried rice
Ingredients: white rice. Chick pea. Corns carrots
Price: 1500 isk per 01 person

4. Vegan pork ribs
Price: 3000 isk per 01 kg

5. Vegan pork with lemongrass
Price: 3000 isk per 01 kg

6 .vegan vietnamese ham/sausages
Price: 3000 isk per 01 kg

Note that all arr vegan foods
You have to pre order and pick them up.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. It is our pleasant to serve you as the friendly customers