Hljóðfæri Afþreying Triangle Bass Traps Premium 1m
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Triangle Bass Traps Premium 1m

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2 stk. White Triangle Bass Trap Premium 1m

Bass Trap is a key element in optimizing room acoustics. Its main task is to control and absorb the lowest sound frequencies, which can be problematic in many spaces. Perfectly suited to the corners of rooms, introducing not only functionality, but also an aesthetic accent to any interior.

Extremely effective low-frequency sound absorption.
Specially selected acoustic wool is used, which optimizes the absorption of the lowest frequencies.
Acoustically transparent fabric with GSM of 265 g/m2
Triangular structure (35x35x50 cm) with a height of 100 cm, designed for effective sound absorption and even gentle diffusion.
Aesthetic and durable finish, lids made of 18 mm furniture board, polished to a high gloss.
Construction weighing about 8 kg, which means that additional devices can be placed on it, for example studio monitors.