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Semi-Retired, Own Tools, Small Job Solutions-man

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föstudagur, 31. desember 2021 16:55


105 Reykjavík

60 year old single German living in Iceland nearly 10 years,
50 years experience in fields from:


> Carpentry; appliance and fixture installation, custom built-in storage design, fabrication and installation, >
> Drywall and cement-board,
> Indoor out door tile installation,
> Materials recyling and re-purposing,
> Tiny home design & construction,
> Painting, landscaping..., etc,
> Basic electrical wiring and plumbing

Basic mechanical

> Bicycle & e-assist conversions,
> Basic automotive maintenance and cleaning-detailing, paint touch-up, rust prevention,
> Moble-Home design & construction & appliance and fixture installs,

Scholastic after School tutoring in:

> Pure and Applied Maths & Science,
> Athletics Coaching:
Gymnastics, both recreational and purposed (I.e. Gym for Soccer players, for Handballers, Golfers, Platform
Divers, Hockey Players, Basketballers, Bikers, etc...),
> Languages: German and English (upper and middel School levels)..., Basic French, Spanish, Korean.
> Yogic techniques for young people to develop focus, concentration,
> Study habits and strategy development,
> Vocational and Avocational counceling within a CCConservative philosophical framework.
> Gap-Global-Travel Consulting for graduate students.

Try asking me and I will let you know if I can help...,
I'm honest..,
I'm a German.

P.S. Free estimates and initial consultations upon appointment.
General labour rate is about 15.000Kr. per 8 hour work day, but flexible negotiation both ways is a must
depending upon job type, and working conditions (incl.: driving time, tools and materials use and
delivery, and other factors which affect cost.)