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Window ventilator. Gluggavörn

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11. apríl 2019 12:27


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The window ventilator is the air intake mechanism designed tor permanent ventilation and continuous air supply to residential and public premises. This ventilator is suitable tor installation into various sized window frames in flats, cottages and office premises.


Proper air exchange is a fundamental prerequisite ot occupant comfort in modern residential buildings. Unlike the old days when ventilation system designs were based on the assumption ot outdoor air supply through numerous cracks in the window trames, today most windows are built to be air-tight torcing to seek other solutions. A window ventilator is a passive device which ensures natural flow ottresn air tnrougn the otherw'ise airtight window trames.
Window ventilator is a continuous supply unit designed to deliver tresn air into residential and non-residential spaces. SUcn ventilators can be integrated into trames otvarious sizes in flats, detached houses and once buildings. A supply air unit eliminates the need ot opening windows ensuring a consistent flow ot tresn air without creating drafts and letting in street noise. Due to a purpose design the ventilator is very user-triendly while the integral dust filter keeps the indoor air tree trom impurities. PHONE: 7663059