Barnavörur Kerrur og stólar Emmaljuga scooter air kerra
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Emmaljuga scooter air kerra

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Emmaljuga kerra til sölu, frekar lítið notuð.
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Emmaljunga scooter air. Petrol colour.
Excellent condition For 6m to 4yrs approx.
Adjustable seat,adjustable foot board, soft-touch adjustable handle. Washable raincover which folds down to fit in small pouch. Viewing window in hood which flap to cover it when wanted.Fabric under- basket. Hood has useful zippable compartments at rear and side. The apron and under-basket are machine washable and other surfaces are easily cleaned. Folda flat and wheels are also comes off easily if needed for transport. This is a great Swedish made stroller. Super on sand/ snow / uneven tracks and etc but also very practical in town. It has been very little used and condition like new.