Gæludýr Hestar Looking for horse riding lessons/Reiðnámskeið
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Looking for horse riding lessons/Reiðnámskeið

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mánudagur, 31. ágúst 2020 04:19

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I would love to learn how to ride horses, maybe once a week or semi regularly based on our schedules. It can be in a group or just me.
I have a little bit of experience with horses but never received proper education or lessons so I think I would need to start from beginner or maybe "advanced beginner". I could not find any regular horse riding courses, only riding tours for tourists.

I am 24 yrs old from Germany and have been living in iceland for almost two years and never really got to experience the Icelandic horse still!
I would not mind if the lessons are in Icelandic either (but you would need to be a bit patient with me ;) )
Please contact me under +49 174 9384755.

Hope to receive your offers! :)