Gæludýr Önnur dýr ZetLight QMAVEN 6600 200W MARINE LED
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ZetLight QMAVEN 6600 200W MARINE LED

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Used ZetLight QMAVEN 6600 200W

Zetlight QMAVEN 6600 is a product of the highest quality, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding aquarists.
The use of high-quality LEDs has made it possible to create a lamp emitting light of the color and intensity corresponding to the natural conditions prevailing on coral reefs.

Thanks to the use of the QMAVEN 6600 control processor, there is the possibility of programming five individual lighting modes: dawn, sunrise, zenith, sunset and dusk.
They reflect in the best possible way a natural lighting cycle on the reef.
In addition, the lamp has the option of storm simulation, during which the lamp effectively imitates the sky and lightning.

In addition to the standard white and blue diodes, diodes with red, orange, violet, green and blue have also been used.

The whole has been placed in a tasteful casing made of aluminum and acrylic.
The manufacturer placed great emphasis on the quality and style of work, making the QMAVEN 6600 add prestige and attractiveness to every tank.
The lamp has a cooling system based on efficient and quiet fans, switching on when the lamp reaches higher temperatures.
Most importantly, we managed to keep a small mass of the device and its record low height - only 4cm!

The QMAVEN 6600 lamp can be hung on the lines.

Technical data:
Power consumption: 200W
Lighting power: 9600lm
Dimensions: 69x26x4cm

Illumination of the aquarium:
Minimal: 80x30x30cm
Maximum: 120x70x100cm
Optimal: 100x50x50cm


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