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Unchained naked Daffodil

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þriðjudagur, 15. desember 2020 15:47


603 Akureyri

I am giving you an opportunity to posses this wonderful painting of anonymouse artist called 'Unchained naked Daffodil'. This amazing opus presents a woman covered with a complicated patterns in dark shades of red, green, orange, maroon and grey colours denote periphrastic deepness of female nature who repels the shell of orydinary life. The painting shows a thriumph of herotic over egoism and victory of love over death.

Technic: Acryl at canvas.
Tools: syntetic flat brushes: 2mm, 8mm, 12mm.
Dimensions: 150x100cm
It's dedicated for modern and minimalistic interiors as a contrastic accent. Perfectly fits with similar shades in large living rooms.