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Description : Original Bright Light (standard)

Light can be seen as a kind of 'trigger' that keeps our biological clock in harmony with the environment.
Many people have less energy and more difficulties getting up in the morning throughout the darker and shorter days of winter. Common symptoms are fatigue, sleeping longer but not feeling fit and an increased appetite. In addition, some people may show lowered mood and other symptoms to a degree that makes them feel less able to function optimally.
Bright Light has proven to be effective to these problems because it helps to keep people's mood up and gives them more energy. Usually one session a day is needed, preferably in the morning. Repeating the sessions daily for one to two weeks is recommended throughout the whole dark season.
The duration of the session depends on the light level (which is dependent on the distance from the eye to the lampsource). As long as the light is able to enter the eyes, other activities can be performed during a session.
Recommended duration for a light bath:
2 hours at 75 cm distance
1 hour at 50 cm distance
1/2 hour at 25 cm distance

2500 lux at 75 cm distance
High quality design front plate (Opal, satin acrylic)
Desk position (very practical stand)
Wall position (very easy to install, stand can be folded away)
Easy handgrip for transport
Electronic ballast (optimal lighting frequency, less side effects)
Floor stand is optional

Weight : approx. 3.5 kg
Cord length : approx 3m
Lamps : 2x PL-L-55W Philips Original Bright Light
Lifetime of lamps : 10,000 hrs (85% performance)
Insulation : Class II (double isolated)