Iðnaður Annað Eimingartæki til sölu, ónotað, enn í kassanum
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Eimingartæki til sölu, ónotað, enn í kassanum

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Eimingartæki / Bruggtæki til sölu, ónotað, enn í kassanum.

Það fylgir bók með öllum upplýsingum um hverning á að stilla tækið upp og nota það.

Verð er 120.000 kr.

Er í síma 7880741 eða magg9991@gmail.com

- For neutral spirit
- For whisky/ fruit spirits
- Easy to operate, best for beginners
The best choice for those, who have no or little experience with home distilling. It’s very intuitive, easy-to-operate and has a wery vide upgrade ability, if you decide to love your new hobby. It has two main ways to operate:
1. LM, liquid management, where you regulate the output of the liquid dripping from the little valve in the head. More you open it, the more flavour you get, so it’s the best system for grain and fruit spirits, whisky, brandy, and all the products whre the flavour and aroma is the key.
2. VM, vapour management (the one with ball valve), where you take ethanol vapour from the column and cool it down in the side condenser. It’s designed for neutral spirits, so if you want to make your own vodka, or need some neutral base for fruit maceration, tinctutres and schnapps, it the system you should use. The quality of the product is so good, you do not need to use carbon filtration.
Two packed sections of the copper column, 75cm each
30l keg-type kettle with two heating elements, 2000W each + elements covers
Power regulator and power cable (EU plug)
VM condenser with ball valve and PVC hose
Gaskets and screws
Tri-Clamp clamp with gasket
Top coil condenser
LCD thermometer with 1/2” cap with probe
Printed manual (English)