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PMD microdermabrasion

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PMD Microdermabrasion (Húðslípun)

Using a vacuum suction and a rotating aluminium oxide crystal disc to exfoliate away dead skin cells, it also stimulates collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation and enlarged pores.

With four levels of exfoliating discs and two speed settings for complete control of intensity, the tool replicates the microdermabrasion treatment that's given by professionals. Suitable for all skin types, it will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and retexturised, and ready to absorb skin care products more effectively.

Directions for Use:

Thoroughly cleanse the skin
Allow the skin to dry completely before beginning
Choose a disc. After practicing with the white disc, move on to the blue disc, which is the most gentle. Use the small disc for the face and delicate areas and the large disc on the body
Make sure that the black filter is on the device to prevent dead skin cells from clogging the vacuum suction
Use your free hand to pull the skin taut
Move the PMD Personal Microderm in an upward motion across the skin
Do not make more than two passes over one area during the treatment
Following the treatment, use a toner to neutralise the pH balance in the skin and a moisturiser
Wait 6-7 days between treatments


1 x personal microdermabrasion tool
1 x electric power cord
1 x white exfoliating disc (extra gentle)
4 x blue exfoliating discs (gentle exfoliation)
2 x green exfoliating discs (moderate exfoliation)
2 x caps (1 large for body exfoliation and 1 small for facial exfoliation)
1 x reusable filter
Written instructions
'How-To' DVD