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Rhodiola - adaptogen, Reduces depression, stress

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Rhodiola is a natural dietary supplement containing the roots of Rhodiola Rosea, standardized for the content of 3% salidrosides. Adaptogenic properties and the activity decreasing fatigue and exhaustion are its main features, which make this preparation infallible in the periods of exposure to long-lasting stress and exhaustion.

Adaptogens are substances of plant origin, which support maintaining homeostasis and proper course of physiological processes, in a natural way increasing the organism’s immunity to stressors of various origin. Thanks to their application, we improve our ability to adopt to overload and changeable environmental conditions.

- Standardized extract (3% salidrosides!)
- Guarantee of quality and safety
- One of the strongest adaptogens
- Helps to restore homeostasis
- Decreases the organism’s fatigue
- Increases tolerance to stress factors
- Reduces depression symptoms
- Influences the improvement of well-being
- Improves psychophysical efficiency
- Supports the immune system