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NordicTrack T 15,0 hlaupabretti til sölu. Er 6 ára gamalt Nánast eins og nýtt.
Þetta bretti er með demperum og mjög gott að hlaupa á . Stærð belis 50x150 .

Lýsing á bretti
• Large, blue, back-lit LCD display provides all the workout feedback you need to track your progress. As well as a 400m race track display, the console shows your speed, time, distance, calories, incline and pulse.
• The in-built CoolAire fan allows you to train for longer in comfort by keeping you cool under maximum effort. The auto-breeze feature varies the fans output in relation to your speed and provides you with the correct amount of cooling in relation to your effort.
• Intermix Acoustics audio system offers an enjoyable way to help liven up your training routine. Simply connect an iPod or mp3 to the line-in jack and enjoy your favourite music on the stereo speakers.
• Quick-Speed buttons allows you to easily change the speed of the treadmill with the single touch of a button. The buttons have every speed from 2 km/h up to 22 km/h (in 2 km/h increments) so you can instantly access your desired running speed. There are also incremental speed buttons for precise speed selection (in 0.1 km/h increments).
• Quick-Incline buttons is the most convenient way to select your desired incline setting. The Quick-incline buttons have every incline from 0% to 15% for quick and instant access to your desired incline level.
• Large and clear Stop and Start buttons.
• Emergency stop safety key.
Program features:
Featuring 20 pre-programmed in-built workouts which are divided into 4 styles including:
• 5 Intensity workouts,
• 5 Speed workouts,
• 5 Incline workouts,
• 5 Calorie goal workouts,
• plus downloadable, custom workouts from the Internet.
iFit Live features:
• The optional iFit Live service** also give you instant access to over 1000 downloadable workouts plus the ability to design and run your own routes anywhere in the world with iFit Live powered by Google Maps™ so you will never be short on training options. **iFit Live module and subscription sold separately.
• Design your own course on Google Maps using iFit and then easily download the course and terrain data to your treadmill. Train for virtually any course in the world and mimic the terrain on your treadmill.
QuadFlex Cushioning:
• Reduce impact on your joints with this air-based, shock cushioning system on this extra-long treadmill belt.
• With four points of cushioning, you get four times the protection and four times the comfort. You'll perform better and faster for incredible results.
Technical information
• Digital Motor: 3.0 continuous horsepower (Peak rating 4.5 HP).
• Speed range: 0.8 to 22 km/h.
• Incline range: 0% to 15%
• Running area: 51cm wide x 154 cm long.
• Cushioning: QuadFlex Cushioning.
• Console: Blue back-lit LCD with easy to reach buttons.
• In-built Programmes: 20
• MP3 input: Yes with in-built audio Speakers.
• Pulse measurement: Yes.
• Chest belt: Included, Polar compatible.
• Space Saver: Yes, deck folds up for storage.
• Product dimensions (L x W x H): 206 x 90 x 152 cm.
• Folded Dimensions (L x W x H): 102 x 90 x 186 cm.
• Treadmill weight: 122 kg - this is a solid machine.
• Maximum user weight: 160 kg.
• Mains powered: Yes.
• Main lead included Yes.
• iFit Live Compatible: Yes.
• iFit Live integrated: No, WIFI module required.