Raftæki Annað Steripen UV water sterilisation
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Steripen UV water sterilisation

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6. júlí 2019 18:30


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This is a steripen ultra rechargeable via a micro USB port. I've only used this a few times and it can be used 8k times before you have to change the bulb. To the people who say they wouldn't trust it. I drank tap water in New Delhi with this and didn't get sick. Here's a description below... I am in Hofn but I am willing to of course discuss postage options.

teripen Ultra™ is our flagship model with our most advanced
user interface featuring a user-friendly OLED display (Organic
Light Emitting Diode). Ultra’s 8,000 treatment lamp delivers a lifetime of purification. It features an internal lithium battery rechargeable with any USB interface.

Includes a neoprene carrying case.