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darkroom/studio for rent

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föstudagur, 19. nóvember 2021 14:14


101 Reykjavík



I am looking for somebody to share my studio / darkroom with.
It is located 1min. walk from Hlemmur. The place is fully set up, including inkjetprinter up to A3+ , filmscanner and a very basic photo studio.

My old studio mate is unfourtunatly leaving and i am having progressivly less time in the near future. The darkroom has not been much in use lately since i started to focus more on alternative-processes.

The rent depends a bit on how much you would use it and what you are planning on doing.

I am professionaly/commercialy using the space so i would prefere somebody that has a backround in the field and can handle the equitment / chemicals independently and with the necessary care.

Call or write: 6920068
Instagram: pigment&silver_reykjavik