Raftæki Myndavélar MC Mir 24m 35 mm f/ 2, m42 mount Exc., Tested
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MC Mir 24m 35 mm f/ 2, m42 mount Exc., Tested

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21. júlí 2019 14:02


101 Reykjavík


Multi-coated version of this lens; film tested on a Pentax ME Super and results were fantastic; portra 400 pushed to 1600 at night, great colors and bokeh. This lens has a dent visible on the outside (top of lens on first photo), however the lens is totally clean and clean of any and all issues (no haze fungus etc), dust seen in one photo is just on top; the dent looks kind of cool actually. Easy to use, aperture is snappy, and rings all turn well. Comes with a back cap, wrapped well, can see in person before purchase if so desire.

M42 mount is easy to adapt to DSLR cameras; shooting Iceland with this lens is fantastic at 35mm focal for landscapes. Great on film cameras (m42, pentax k, etc.)

35mm f/2.0 f/16 6 blades 0.3m focus filter size: 58 370g 62mm length

Additional information:
The Mir is a family of wide-angle photo lenses, made in the USSR.

The Mir-24 35 mm f/ 2(Russian: "Мир") is a wide-angle lens with a single- or multi-layer coating for SRL cameras.

The M42 screw mount version was manufactured by the KMZ.

The lens construction was equipped with a switchable instant-return aperture.

The Mir-24М and the MC Mir-24М differ in lens coating only. The version with multi-coating (MC) is much better resistant to side and back light.

The other characteristics of the Mir-24 35 mm f/ 2:

The resolution according to the technical specifications (center/edge): 40/21 lpmm
Coefficient of transparency (the MC Mir-24М): not less than 0.90
Color contribution index (the MC Mir-24М): 11-0-0
Calculated by the State Optic Institute, patent N288346, BI N36, 1970.
Designed by Khalitov R. N., Novikova Т.К., Martynova V. N., chief optician.
Manufacture: preproduction.

The Mir-24М is fit for shooting architecture, landscapes, as well as for genre photography.

The lenses display good qualities on modern DSLR cameras.