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Mir 20M

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4. apríl 2019 11:31


101 Reykjavík


Til sölu Mir 20M (Мир 20м) 20mm f3.5 super wide angle prime lens from USSR. A real piece of collection for passionates of lenses and photography.
The lens is from 1978 and is still in good conditions. Optics are clean, mechanism ok, just aperture ring at full aperture 3.5, easy to fix if you're handy. Fully manual lens, you can adapt it to a modern camera with an adapter if you want to use it (3 $ on ebay or ali-express, I have few adapters to sell for cheap). Lens is M42 mount.
This lens is a soviet optical scheme based on flektogon (Zeiss) it is perfect for astrophoto (and northern lights) landscape and architecture. This model is a quite rare lens on second hand market. Price can be negotiated.
More info here: http://allphotolenses.com/lenses/item/c_199.html
Sold with original box, original filters and caps.