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DJI FPV droni

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fimmtudagur, 20. júní 2024 17:06


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Used FPV with extras. Bought in dji reykjavik 2020, no extras fyrir 220k isk
hard case
Extra props
4 batteries
still have the original foam for googles and original strap
comes also with prop protectors
bonus parts ...front hand and both left/right back hand
The red metal things on it are protectors for camera and body
Remote has silicon dress to protect it against scratches

Googles and drone has stickers on ...you can take them off and clean with alcohol the glue

haven not been flying more than 5x this year that is the reason i am selling

Drone has been crashed 2x and fixed ..everything works
...changed the front right and also back right arm
Plastic on one of the batteries is a bit melted ( flying too close to the lava/volcano) .. still works normally